Day 17 of My Midlife Sabbatical

Waking up, feeling better lifts my mood no end. I take a brisk walk to get my blood pumping then head out for a little uplifting shopping trip.

The new, “Mountain View Village” will be home to our second Beauty Lab location so I expect there will be some extra shopping temptations with all these great shops. I have found workout clothes to be my perfect pick me up and if you don’t like working out, I suggest you treat yourself to something that lifts your spirit. You’ll be so excited to wear it that getting to the gym will be easy.

Tonights date night we are celebrating a friends birthday and I have to say, surrounding yourself with uplifting people has been one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received. Justin is about as kind and positive a guy as you can meet and I feel grateful to know him and most people in this room.

I wish I had gotten an outfit picture because I was feeling pretty good about this one.

Next Time.


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