About Me.

As I fast approach my 50th year, I realized my life is not quite what I expected. 

The amazing plan I had for my perfect future, in which  I controlled every aspect of my life completely, surrounded by my angelic children, achievements and happiness, well, that has certainly gone tits up! 

March, 2021

Moving to another country, yet still feeling foreign and family-less after 23 years, my life lessons have given me everything from an epic love story to a “Game of Thrones” worthy sword battle. I’ve given life to 4 humans and almost seen it leave one of them twice. I’ve developed an addiction of sorts to yo yo dieting, currently in the off season and have a passion for style, skin health and bags I can’t really afford. For the most part, my life is pretty great and yet sometimes I get really down, expectations can be a killer.  So I thought maybe I’d write some of this stuff down, a kind of  therapy for me or just something others could have a laugh at. Who knows, maybe you can relate to my “not so perfect” execution of plans or maybe you could offer some “should’ve” advice to me, which I’ll politely laugh at, thank you for and roll my eyes at you without a single brow movement. #thankyoubotox (not sponsored) because seriously, who the hell has a clue anyway???? #keepingitreal  

My plan is to see if the next 2 years, falling into 50, can be done with a little more intention and I’ll document it along the way.

I’d love for you to follow along and share too.