Little Luxuries

Most parents will relate to being last on their own list when it comes to time, energy or getting something new. Our darling offspring always seem to need that enrollment fee or dental work right when we were thinking about a weekend away or new outfit and in fear of being judged a selfish cow, little Jonny’s Fillings always seemed to get priority over, well pretty much everything.

Daybreak 2010

It was in the way way back, or 2008 ish, that my hubby surprised me one day with a “just cuz” gift and helped me realize that I matter too. I was always the “don’t buy me flowers, they’re a waste of money and chocolates make you fat” kind of girl so gifts are hard to do. You can imagine my googly eyed surprise look when he presented me with a box containing, not just a new pair of sun glasses but expensive designer sunnies.

My first Prada Sunnies

It was my first, over the top, unnecessary designer item and little did I know I’d be hooked. Prior to this I’d had a hard time keeping a pair of sun glasses in one piece or just keeping them all together but something about that small luxury item, that special gift, taught me to care for and appreciate it and know that I was worth a little luxury.

Now I have a collection of luxury items from Jo Malone candles to Dior hand bags but it’s still the small things I use every day that I enjoy the most.

I encourage everyone to save up and buy yourself a treat, however small, you are worth it.

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