Day 18 of My Midlife Sabbatical

Today’s Gonna Be A Good Day.

I spent the night with Boyd which I needed so badly but it did mean my night time plans went out the window. No big deal this time and I had my morning routine ready to go when I got up so I knew it would be a good day.

I tried the supplements and quickly realized that was going to be a harder habit to get rolling but I am learning as I go so I haven’t quit on it yet.

Family dinner was at my oldest son and his wives home today. They cook yummy food together but my daughter in laws baking skills are next level. Umm, now I’m fantasizing the cinnamon rolls she baked on Christmas morning. I got a sneaky video of My sons home office and game room because I think it’s just inspo and eye candy for any gamers out there sitting in a boring office all day. I’m proud of the man he is, especially as he’s had to reflect on his own past behaviors and change things he didn’t like about himself. He tries hard to maintain relationships with people who  don’t give him much time in return and some that just don’t deserve it frankly but he values family and loves deep and is strong in this area. He always has wise words and a different viewpoint for me but he never takes someone else’s problem as his own and I believe that, is his super power.

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