Ways to find Joy in Daily Life

As I continue my Midlife Musings and exploration of “how to have a healthier, happier future”, I came across an affirmation cardthat got me thinking.

I was reading my daily affirmation cards, which generally are wise, encouraging and believable statements that put my mind in a more positive space. As I was reading, one particular card stated “My life is a joyous adventure” and I basically snorted out loud.

Some days I just don’t feel very joyful at all and so I thought I’d spend some time, figuring out what small things, can bring me Joy when I’m just not feeling it.

I started out with a list. I was intent to try some things out.


City Life/people watching

Styling outfits/shopping


Friend Time/family time

Roller skating/ dancing/zumba

Sunshine/ snow days/


I found, as I focused on the question “does this bring me joy?” it was easy to think yes or no, before even doing the task.

e.g. does shoveling snow bring joy? I answered no but actually it was a yes.

does shopping at city creek bring joy? I presumed yes but actually it was a no.  I did enjoy grabbing a gift for someone though.

As the weeks plans changed quickly, thanks to an epic snow dump, I came to realize that I wasn’t going to be participating in joyous actions or events but as the week moved on  and I continued asking the question, I found joy in all kids of mundane things like a freshly steamed kitchen floor or all my laundry clean and put away.

In the end, feeling joy is  just an attitude or feeling that I could seek in my small daily behaviors.  My life doesn’t need to be a “joyous adventure” but in order to feel joy daily, I do need to focus on my positive mindset and keep gratitude at the forefront. This is where I can find actual joy in Midlife.


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