My 90 Second Office/ Bedroom Conversion

Finding a space at home where I can lock my door and get to work uninterrupted was essential to my successful return. This was the main reason in all honesty that I left for 30 days. So many distractions, so many little tasks that called to me.  I could use distraction all day to avoid the hard work needed for my future success and happiness.

This 12′ x 10′ room has been converted into exactly what I need.

I love it and I love it in both versions.

My office is stylish and inspirational, glamorous and a bit moody.

My Bedroom is cosy and luxurious, private and peaceful.


The fact that I can switch between the 2 in 90 seconds, make this a very livable option and my video explains how I’m making it work with my new daily, intentional, mindfulness plans as well as just the practical, working/ sleeping situation.

Tell me in the comments your favorite part.

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