Day 22 of My Midlife Sabbatical

Sometimes we just need something different.

I haven’t liked my hair in a long time. I’ve went blond to hide grey and rarely liked it. If it was a color I loved, my hair was brittle and snapped off. If it was less brittle, it was usually a golden yellow which did NOT blend grey’s and looked awful. Also I wore my hair a bit longer as it seemed more versatile and I thought it suited me better but rarely did it look great since I have a very little hair and a high hairline. I had to glue it in place if I had to look good or else I’d look bald.

Since going back to brown I felt very blah. Well let’s face it, my mood was probably less to do with my hair and more my deep depression but either way, I needed a change.

I found a guy on youTube “Justin Hickox” who takes peoples hair pictures (which they volunteer and send in) and show’s small changes in weight, length, fringe, color etc that help the client look better. Specifically when your hairstyle is aging you. He also does a more dramatic change which usually is amazing. I realized I haven’t had a decent haircut in a long time so I went to find someone that I knew would meet my needs.

Of course it took a couple of weeks as he’s booked out but I was NOT disappointed 

Patrick at Dwell Salon, Suite 105 or @patrick_hairguy

I’m so pleased with the results and it’s so easy for me to style.

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