Day 16 of My Midlife Sabbatical


I am finally feeling a bit better and stayed up half the night learning and thinking. As time flies I am so aware of how little time I have left and need to not waste another minute. I am also aware I need better sleep but I just can’t seem to shut down. A lot of people struggle to sleep but I am feeling it based on excitement for all the new ideas and feelings I’m experiencing so not too terrible.

I’ve been blessed with a great immune system in general, so it’s rare that I’m ill but I am realizing a lot of that has to do with my younger upbringing. People my age were kids before the massive onslaught of processed and convenience foods. We had three meals a day with fruit for snacks if needed a little extra. Dessert was a treat on the weekend and maybe your Nan would give us some sweets when you saw her but that was it. Fast forward to my late teens and all the convenience of pre packaged food became available.  We ate it but we still considered it a treat.

I lived like this into my 20’s but my move to the USA introduced all the conveniences and novelty of drive throughs or “all you can eat” buffets. The UK has, of course caught up with this trend now but in the US, I could often get a take out meal for cheaper than I could make a healthy one and so goes the spiral down.

As I am becoming more aware, I am trying to add in the things that I need to help my body renew itself and stay strong. My last blood panel that I did with a Naturopathic doctor, revealed how depleted I am in several ares so I am trying something to rebuild with something new.


I realize whilst working on a simple task for my video editing that, living with “the I.T. Crowd” has left my tech skills pretty non existent so I’m going to work hard to change this. Whatever my future holds, I know I need more of these skills.

I ended my day by taking my walk indoors at the mall. It’s so cold out that this is a decent option and again, I wanted some human interaction.

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