F* Getting Older

Well it happened. Despite the entire worlds best effort to shut us all down, the days turned to night and the calendar pages from month to month, got turned over. That right there confirms my oldness because who the he** has a page turning calendar any more or even knows what that is?

The elusive “F” word of my nightmares, is now a reality and I did in fact, turn 50 despite spending a good portion of the last year in bed with days all blending together. My motivation to approach this milestone in a happy, positive manner with pages of inspired and wise quips from a well travelled grandma, have been left embedded under the duvet/comforter, along with the cheesy/caramel popcorn mix I became addicted to during self quarantine.

So here we are, Fifty plus, 50+, over 50, middle aged, up there in years, mature….

However you say it, it sounds OLD but despite my fear and anxiety towards this dreaded day, I ACTUALLY FEEL GREAT!!!

I’ve spoken in a previous post about quitting dieting and my 50 year old body is feeling and looking great. I definitely am aware of slower recovery from injuries or a few limitations I have to prevent injuries but I am staying in a place where I could say yes to most opportunities and encourage you to do the same.

I offer these guidelines as an example…

Say YES to:

  • That waterfall hike
  • Lake Days on boats or paddle boards
  • Concerts and Dance Parties
  • The Revealing outfit or bikini
  • The team fun runs for charity
  • A trip with less than 48 hours notice
  • Trying something new and scary

Likewise I encourage you to…

Say NO to:

  • Inner-tube wars behind a boat
  • Walking more than a mile in high heels.
  • Cheap Alcohol
  • At home microneedling

Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

I have spoken in this blog about breaking societies rules for the “over 40” and have spent the past decade doing just that. I highly recommend it. The freedom you feel when you no longer have concern for someones else’s ideas or opinions for you, is liberating in a way I can’t describe and quite frankly needs to be experienced. I’ve also noticed that when someone more “mature” is acting, dressing and recreating more freely, that our younger onlookers feel encouraged to take more risks, waste less years worrying and skip to the part where they love themselves.

If you’re more comfortable without a bra, imagine how much more productive and happy you’d be when it’s not constantly digging in to your arm pits. Take it off! Free the melons (or smaller fruit) and go about your business until you stop thinking you “need” to wear it for other peoples sakes.

What dreams have you given up thinking you’re too old?

Do you want to Roller skate or try pole dance classes?

Have you dreamed of a degree or opening a small business?

How about a fitness competition or Boudoir photo shoot?

I’m here to encourage you to do it, the thing you think you’re too old for.

Whilst some children want to grow up to be an astronaut or movie star, I wanted to be an Olympian! Now that I’m 50, I can actually participate in the Senior Olympics/Games, which incidentally is hosted in Utah, so who knows, it’s still a possibility.

I read today that the average life expectancy of an American is 78 years old and someone from the UK is 81. I’ll guess the difference may have to do with the average Brits ability to only work 36 hours a week and call it “full time”, or the fact that they get 4-5 weeks of paid vacation a year which is mostly spent laying by a pool or beach with a cocktail. Either way, as a “half and half” now, it still leaves me with a good chance at 25+ more years to figure out what I will be when I grow up.

So turning the big FIVE-O isn’t as painful as it sounds even if I am nursing a swollen knee I got whilst rollerskating in a rave outfit with my love of 25 years. (sorry for the picture quality)

If you want to hear more about this adventure, drop me a comment.

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  1. Ashley says:

    I will be your biggest cheerleader at the Senior Olympic Games and now that you’ve put this out there YOU HAVE TO!!! I just love you and your unapologetic zest for life. 😘

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