5 simple ways women over 40 can find peace in the chaos of a busy home

Want to know how  women over 40 can create a peaceful space in their home full of chaos? I’ll share 5 life changing ideas that have helped me find peace over the years, amidst a revolving door of noise mess and life.

Women over 40
Women over 40
My window seat full of happy scrapbooked memories

Unless you’ve lived completely alone to this point, you may struggle to find a space in your home to call your own, free from clutter, noise and finger or paw prints.

If you’re like me, you’ve had times where you couldn’t even pee without a tiny human sharing your space and the thought of a corner all of your own seems like a far off “women over 40” fantasy.

I’m going to share simple, inexpensive ideas you can put into place today, that I have used over the last 3 decades of cohabiting, to create a tiny place all of my own that filled me with peace amidst the chaos.

I will share 5 simple ways, women over 40 can create a place of peace within a busy home.

1. Designate a space

This can be a guest room, a closet, a window seat, an outdoor space, a bathroom, even your car.

Being in the  “women over 40” world, I have a revolving door of teens to adults and a grandson, that come and go in my home with noise, mess and needs to be met. Over the years I’ve found many small spaces that I could claim as my own where no other human was allowed to enter or influence.

My first, most incredible, personal space was created in a cupboard under the porch that measured about 5 feet wide by 6 feet long. We placed 2 stacks of drawers with a counter as a desk then overhead cabinets for storage. I painted the walls bright orange and had a hanging light fixture. When I was in the space, you couldn’t walk by me because it was so small and when I was wasn’t in the space, the door was LOCKED. It was like personal escape heaven and no one dared enter.

2. Decide what you will do in the space

What brings you relaxation and calm? Reading, crafting, listening to music, a podcast. Do you want to workout, meditate or do you just need a spot that is perfectly clean and beautiful?

Clean and beautiful was top of my “needs” list for calm but I really liked a place I could get creative without small hands touching my projects. I also have 4 sons and a grandson so I was craving a little more of a fluffy feminine space.

Paper crafting is my calming activity

3. Gather items you need to support number 2

What do you need to carry out your “calm” time? Feel free to borrow items from other parts of your home if you don’t want to purchase all at once. This is just for you so pick something you LOVE.

  • Chair
  • Desk
  • bean bag
  • footstool
  • Lighting
  • Storage
  • side table
  • TV
  • yoga matt
  • exercise bike?

4. Build out your space

  • Start with Paint or even wallpaper to define the space. Choose a color that makes you happy or even just a beautiful fresh coat of the existing color.
  • Add any wall accents or embellishments that make it personal to you. Do you love the beach and want a washed out wood wall or are you a city girl that fantasizes about a loft apartment in which case some raw brick could be a symbol of peace? A large floral vinyl decal or some luxurious fabric says “this is my very special place”
  • Add the larger items you need in the area first . chair, desk, table top, cabinets, book shelf etc.
  • Sit in your space. Sit on your chair, yoga mat or on your exercise bike and look around. Are you comfortable? Look at your view, does it make you happy or do you see other things that distract you from your peace? Move things around until you are no longer focused on the rest of the area. If this leaves you staring at a wall, that’s ok, it’s easy to put a piece of art, mirror, fabric or a quote on the wall to allow you to focus only your calm feelings.

5. Personalize it to your hearts desire

Remember this is yours and only yours.

  • Pillows
  • throw blankets
  • candles
  • plants
  • artwork
  • drapes
  • baskets
  • Mirrors

As women over 40, If we want a floor full of pillows to lay on or sequins on everything, if we want a neon sign saying “get the f*** outta my space” thats totally up to us to decide.

If you’re using exercise equipment as your place of peace, then a basket of bright white towels , rolled up like at a spa or a mini fridge full of fancy water bottles can elevate your space and your well being.

Mirrors are incredible for adding space and light and will offer you new views and self reflection.

If you’re a reader, then a faux fire place mantle with stacks of books in might bring you joy. Do you need some noise cancelling headphones for this to really work for you?

If your bathtub is your unwind personal time zone, consider candles, plants, a pretty tray to hold your wine, book or remote. Maybe a luxury fluffy robe and slippers on a nearby hook, completes your experience of self care time.

If you’re an artist or crafter, I suggest storage thats beautiful, so you can focus on your creations.

If outdoors is your jam, a front porch seating area with an outdoor fire or lamp can be heavenly, add a blanket, footstool, cushion and the family will hunting for you for hours.

A final resort could even be your car. Keep it perfectly clean with a blanket and pillows in the back and it could be the sneaky, quiet getaway you crave.

With your space complete, you will need some kind of signal that this is yours and only yours.

If you have the luxury of a door, add a lock. I now have a guest room that doubles as my own personal space so it’s easy to close the door and nobody goes in there.

In my basement closet/craft space, I had a buzzer that sounded anytime someone came near my door.

If I’m at my bedside desk with headphones on, that’s the signal to not disturb.

You may need to educate the folks in your home to respect your very real need for this privacy and personal space but it’s been my experience that if they’re over 3 years old, they can and will, give you a window of time to be alone.

Every woman over 40 deserves a personal space to unwind and find peace everyday, I hope this blog has you excited to create your very own sanctuary in the near future.

Please share pictures of your space with me and lets create a community of ideas.


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