Planning A future with no Ideas

Any time can be a good time, to plan or set intentions for our future self but there’s something about this midlife phase that adds a sense of urgency. We’ve often done things before now that would change or limit or future opportunities. If we are already married or have kids then just vanishing to another country may be off the table, however tempting and a deeply invested in career, may have us feeling unsure about starting something new.

So, here I am, attempting to look ahead but with very little idea of direction so I decided to “phone a friend” as they say.

I asked family members and friends “what am I good at?” and the results were very insightful.

I was able to put all the responses on post-it notes then and sort them into categories.I was surprised by the repeats and there was definitely some themes so the  prospects are starting to be more clear.

This exercise was so priceless for me for my future planning but my main take-away is that I now have a compilation of really kind things that will go in a “happy” file to call upon when I’m having a down moment  .

I encourage you to take a minute to ask your friends “what am I good at?” and compile your own “happy” book.


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