Day 15 of My Midlife Sabbatical

What’s the dumbest diet you’ve done?

Over the years, I tried so many. I wrote a blog about this before if you want to see my history.

I realized how much I missed fruit and have discovered how essential it is for immune strength so one of my daily habits  will include servings of fruit.

Stuck home again, I get into my studies and cook a little “Hello Fresh” for dinner. This isn’t a sponsored post but I got hello fresh because of all the sponsored posts.

At first, the promotional price was a great deal but then it went up a bit for the standard and ongoing price. It seemed expensive but the truth is, I save some much time and negative brain activity, with all the parts of planning, shopping and wasting food that we actually save money.

My husband has enjoyed preparing the meals and has actually learned “how” to cook. I forget that it is a learned skill as I just watched my Mum growing up then just copied. If we didn’t have that experience then we have no idea how to throw a little flour and water together to thicken up a sauce etc.


My cabin fever is off the charts so I take a little stroll around the mall and end my day in the wee hours of the morning just learning and playing catch up.

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