Day 14 of My Midlife Sabbatical

It’s been 2 whole weeks since I left my home. 14 nights alone in a bed. Time has flown and time has dragged at the same time but I’m getting my routines in place and in this video I share some things I’ve learned about myself and my needs.

Take a little behind the scenes tour of Beauty Lab and Laser. Our business practice is so different than any other Med Spa and I love being a part of it.

I share my one of my dirty fantasies, not at all what you’d think and my “reminder from home” treat. The famous “99” it’d be a tesco donut but I haven’t found anything similar yet.

Things I’ve learned so far:

No one is going to kill me in my sleep – just a fear

Those sounds of clanking dripping creaking are just house noises – no ones trying to break in

Quite, dark, alone – not my favorite

I leave dishes in the sink – it’s ok

Getting ready doesn’t need to take an hour or more

My body needs to be healthy – I need to take better care of it

I’m completely useless sick and all good habits die here

Movement doesn’t have to be a strenuous grueling workout to change my mood

30 minutes before a phone connects is vital to a positive day

I only like writing with a papermate pro ball 1.4 pen

I can feel my ADHD even alone

Creativity lifts my mood and looses me hours

Eating is time consuming

Ibruprofen works – take it

I struggle to sit still

But my BEST lesson to date – I can change my mood with a few simple actions and a redirect.

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