Day 5 & 6 of My Midlife Sabbatical

As I got busy with my daily plans, I needed to start learning how to get some content out to share. I decided this was a unique enough experience that I’d try to document and share it but my skills were so non existent that I didn’t even know which direction to hold my camera. How hard can it be right? I’m kidding, it’s so hard. I think I spent 4 hours just trying to figure out why a saved picture wouldn’t post to a blog.

Anyway, I’m happy I got something out there but did not expect so many responses. I didn’t actually think anyone would see this and I really thought it was just for my creative side and to keep me accountable. Now I’m realizing that so many people are watching out for me and whilst I’m very uncomfortable in the attention, I appreciate your support. I have felt your love and I’m glad my past interactions have been positive for people.

Some people have shared their heartfelt struggles and encouragement for mine and some are sharing favorite books or podcasts. I appreciate it and I’m keeping a growing list of all these resources. In my usual mind I would’ve jumped to responding, reading, listening and connection but for now I thank you and hope you understand I am using my very limited time to stay on task. Being sidetracked by my regular life is of course the reason I’m here in this lonely windowless cave.

Two days have flown by and I’ve barely left the couch but I can feel such great momentum and I can see this exercise as worthwhile.

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