Day 7 & 8 of My Midlife Sabbatical

Not being used to recording my every move, has required me to learn how to add voiceover to pictures. It took so long to figure this out and I’ve realized that living with tech savvy people has left me quite uneducated in this department. So much of my home life is digitized and automated and I barely know how to use the remote. I’m not dumb but my Nan always said, “if you have a dog, you don’t need to bark yourself”.  Well, sorry Nanna, sometimes you at least have to know how to bark. So I’ve spent hours and hours learning.

As for my self discovery work, this is all part of it. What do I love to do? What makes me loose hours in a day? This. Creating, I love it. I’m thriving in it.

I share a sneak peak of my beautiful necklace from a new company launching this week. They have fine, jewelry pieces which can be engraved with a special word to hold close to the throat chakra. When I created mine 2 months ago, I didn’t realize how significant the engraving “I DECIDE” would be to me but it is there as a constant reminder and here I am, day after day, deciding.

One of the downsides of this day was car battery anxiety. I was running low and have limited fast charge options so I had to go out of may and sit for a bit, waiting to charge but I am planning better after that.

Just like that, a week has gone by.


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