Day 9 of My Midlife Sabbatical

Today I’m sharing my morning routine. It’s amazing that in just 9 days I have finally left the phone alone. I’m amazed at how quickly I switched that phone addiction and fomo has switched into me wanting to do my “A.M. Boost” as I’m calling it.

My first, 30 minutes of my day is spent with myself, my mind, my plans and intentions for the day.

1- I dump my bad thoughts, dreams etc in my ugly journal

2- I pull an angel card and let the spirits encourage  me

3- I focus on gratitude

4- I plan my days goals

5- I put on a podcast

6- I make my breakfast and include fruit

7- I take my supplements

Then….I can grab my phone.

Friday is of course, is date night, so I invited my love to join me somewhere I’ve wanted to go in forever. It’s absolutely beautiful at the ice castles in Midway Utah, but so cold. We dressed warm but snow boots are a must as it was deep in places.

Our evening ended with some cheap, delicious grub and once again I had a bloody great day.

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