30 days to whole new mindset

This week, I had the honor of sharing my story on a podcast. My first time ever.

In cased you missed it, I up and left my family home and  27 year marriage, for a 30 day midlife sabbatical. I didn’t know at the time what would happen or if I’d ever want to or be welcome to come home but I needed to get some alone time  and remove the distractions that were preventing me from addressing the hard work of healing that I needed to do. I took a huge risk.

It was life changing.


I went from total, rock bottom depression, to happy and hopeful in just 30 days and as I continue on this path to a vibrant future, I thought I’d share my musings and things I learn along the way. I’m hoping I can create some short cuts to share as  I know this work can be intimidating, time consuming and often just miss-guided.

I was invited  to share my story on “The Wild Rose Podcast” hosted by my friends, Whitney Rose (from the real housewives of Salt Lake City) and Connie Daniels (an actual Real Housewife of SLC)


I was completely blown away as they have very inspiring guests on each week who have overcome things like drug abuse and homelessness or bada** boss people in business, as well as those looking to share healing tools. I highly recommend you subscribe to their channel as they are fun and very real and relatable with their own share of life lessons.

This interview is the condensed version of why I chose to leave and what I learned and let go of along the way.

If you are interested in the daily “check-ins” you can find them on you tube.

Under the Playlist “30 day midlife sabbatical”https://youtu.be/9-G0dTZZIqM


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